Scoring Algorithm Updates

We periodically update our scoring algorithm to reflect the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape. This page provides a summary of these updates.

February 19 2020

  • Updated email security checks: this includes a new check for the DMARC policy (which fails if p=none). For information on email security, see
  • Improved checking for open ports/services: As part of enhancing our port scanning capability, we have reviewed and updated the severity of risks associated with open ports / services.
  • The HSTS checks now include a check against the Chromium preload list. If a domain is on the preload list, all HSTS checks pass for that domain and all its subdomains
  • Updated domain status checks for .au domains: We no longer check for clientTransferProhibited or serverRenewProhibited on .au domains, as they are not applicable