Requesting remediation from a vendor

This article explains how to request remediation from one of your vendors.


You must be monitoring a vendor before you can ask them to remediate an identified risk. For more information on adding vendors to your portfolio, please refer to our guide on How to Add a Vendor.

How to Request Remediation

Navigate to the Remediation page under the Vendor Risk module.


Locate and select the vendor you want to request remediation from. Click Next.


Select the type of risks you want to request remediation on, then click Next.


Locate each of the identified risks you want to request remediation on and click Add to add that risk type to the list. Here we are about to request that one of our vendors should fix the incorrect hostnames listed in some of their SSL certificates.


Once you have selected the risks types you want to request remediation on, scroll to the bottom of the list and click Next.

Next, select a recipient at the vendor to receive this request. If you have created contacts for this vendor before, such as when requesting completion of a questionnaire, these contacts will be available here. Otherwise, select to Send to new contact and enter the details of the new contact. Click Next.


Review your remediation request, then click Send to send the request.


The remediation request should appear in under the Remediation section of your vendor’s record in VendorRisk.