Publishing a Shared Profile

This article describes how to proactively share security-related information using the Shared Profile feature within UpGuard CyberRisk.

The practice of companies assessing one another's cybersecurity posture is becoming more widespread, and generally relies at least partly on exchanging information via questionnaires.  One of the challenges with this approach is that the companies being assessed end up completing different (but often similar) questionnaires for every company assessing them.

To help tackle this problem, UpGuard CyberRisk enables you to proactively publish information about your company's cybersecurity posture, and share this with companies assessing you.  We call this your Shared Profile.

Activating your Shared Profile

To activate the Shared Profile for your company, contact

What you can share

You can access your Shared Profile from the "My Shared Profile" menu item. From here you can publish completed UpGuard CyberRisk security questionnaires, as well as any other documents you think will help other companies assess you. 

To get started click on "Add Questionnaire" or "Add Document", and follow the instructions.

Configuring sharing rules

From the "My Shared Profile" page you can configure the sharing rules by pressing the "Settings" button in the top right corner.

There is a toggle to switch your Shared Profile on and off. When it's off, no one can access it. When it's on, access is granted based on the sharing rules you choose. You can choose to either let any registered UpGuard CyberRisk user access it, or require each user to explicitly request access.

Inviting people to view your Shared Profile

You can invite people to view your Shared Profile by pressing the "Invite User" button in the top right of the screen. Enter the email address of the person you want to invite, and they will receive an email explaining how they gain access.

Managing access requests

If your sharing settings require people to request access, the "Manage Shared Profile Access" page contains the list of all outstanding access requests, as well as the list of people you've previously granted access to. You can access this page by pressing the "Manage Access" button on the "My Shared Profile" page. 

You can accept or reject each outstanding access request, and revoke access for any user that you've previously granted access to. 

Viewing the access log

Regardless of whether you let any registered user view your Shared Profile, or require people to explicitly request access, the "Manage Shared Profile Access" page provides a log of everyone who has viewed it. You can access this page by pressing the "Manage Access" button on the "My Shared Profile" page.